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Why Stay in a WILDLAND PROPERTIES Vacation Home rather than a hotel?

Vacation rentals are rapidly gaining in popularity.  Why?  Because, whether you rent a home, cabin, cottage, etc., a Vacation Rental Property gives you all the comforts of home rather than a cramped room; trying to sleep while the guests above, below and next to you don’t have the same courtesy to stay quiet as you do, and because you’re not having to cram kids, friends or family on a cot while hearing them snore all night!  When you rent a Vacation Home, everyone has their own bedroom. 

If you think that renting a Vacation Home is for the wealthy, think again.  Booking a home can be less expensive than booking a hotel.  You can comfortably book a home for a full family rather than renting multiple hotel rooms.  A comfortable home that sleeps 20 people comes to $10.00 per person per night.  Great savings, right?  Additionally, instead of spending an excruciating amount of money eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can cook meals in a fully stocked kitchen for a fraction of the price.  Entertainment is another preventative expense.  Many of our vacation rentals offer amenities such as a pool table, bicycles; a ping pong table, fishing gear; foosball, kayaks, hot tubs, golf clubs, games, books, movies, and much more.  Studies show that where vacationers used to spend time out and about, more time is being spent in the vacation home itself. Wildland Properties offers a fabulous array of entertainment choices in our homes to keep you busy. 
What else?  You’re not sharing a pool with noisy kids, you’re not traipsing down the hall for the soda or ice machine in your bathrobe -hoping that no one sees you, only to realize you forgot your entry key card next to the bed.  No getting up early before you miss the hotel continental breakfast, or, oh, did I mention noisy neighbors.
Lastly, why stay with WILDLAND PROPERTIES?  Here are just a few reasons:
We have the largest selection of Vacation Homes in the Port Orford Area.  

Save Money When Booking Your Next Vacation

Have you seen the Hilton Commercial that says “Save your clicker”. I couldn’t have said it any better. Instead of spending so much time, finding the best rate for your vacation stays, I can tell you it stops here. The cheapest rates for booking your stay are directly through www.wildland-properties.com.

With any vacation rental or hotel website, the least expensive rates to book your home are directly through the company itself.

Why? Sites like booking.com, vrbo, flipkey, etc. are 3rd party sites. These sites charge exorbitant fees per booking. Not only to the company, but many of these sites tack on extra fees to the guest as well. Additionally, when you book through www.wildland-properties.com, our local team can answer any questions you may have and help you choose a home that may best suit your preferences.

When you stay with Wildland Properties, we can assist you with concierge and VIP services.

Another reason to book directly through, Wildland Properties is you can save you up to 20% off from October through April. How great is that!!!